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This Master Wine & Food Pairing Tour is more than a journey; it’s a culinary adventure that combines education, flavor, and sophistication. Join us as we create a tapestry of unforgettable moments amid the scenic beauty of Temecula’s vineyards. Cheers to a day of indulgence and discovery!

Master Temecula Wine Food Pairing

Indulge in an exquisite 5.5-hour wine adventure through the enchanting vineyards of Temecula, California, with our exclusive Master Wine & Food Pairing Tour. Immerse yourself in the art of wine tasting complemented by gourmet bites while enjoying the luxurious comfort of a Mercedes limo bus. This premium wine food pairing experience elevates your understanding of wine and food pairing, offering a perfect blend of education, flavor, and sophistication.

Wine Food Pairing Tour Highlights:
  • Start your adventure (11:30 PM): Arrive at the first tasting room for an advanced wine-tasting class. Engage your senses in the intricacies of aroma pairing, learning the secrets of enhancing your wine-tasting experience with carefully selected small bites.
  • Premium Tasting and Pairing Experience: Move to the second winery for a premium tasting and pairing session. Immerse yourself in an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour, exploring the winemaking process as you gain a deeper understanding of the region’s rich winemaking history. Venture into the tasting room for a unique experience inspired by wines crafted in an old-world style dating back over 6000 years. Sample a diverse range of exceptional wines, each paired with carefully chosen small bites that complement and elevate the tasting journey.
  • Wine Selection Like an Expert: Conclude the tour at the final winery, where a decadent four-course Sweet wine tasting & coffee martini awaits. Each course is expertly paired with indulgent chocolates, allowing you to savor the harmonious marriage of flavors.
  • Return Journey: Board the luxurious limo bus for a comfortable return journey. Reflect on the day’s delightful wine and food pairings as you unwind and soak in the memories.
  • Photos and Commemoration: Arrive back at the starting point and receive photos capturing the essence of this special day. Commemorate the premium wine and food pairing experience in Temecula with lasting memories to cherish.

Tour Includes:

  • 5.5 hour wine adventure.

  • Advanced wine tasting class with aroma pairing and small bites.

  • Amphora wine tastings with paired bites.

  • Behind-the-scenes winery tours.

  • Desert wine tasting & Chocolate paring.

  • Coffee martini.

  • Mercedes limo bus transportation.

  • Photos to commemorate the day.

Public Rates: $279.00 (Open seating tour)
Private Rates: $259.00 (8-13 guests)

Available: All Year
Ages: 21+ years old
Departure Time: 11:30 AM on Sundays

Included: Winery tasting, Food pairings, Cocktail, fuel surcharge, taxes & fees (covering TVWAHD Assessment, Winery Service Charge, and Fuel Surcharge).
Not Included: Tour guide, drivers, and servers’ gratuities.

Additional Information: Minimum seating of 6 guests required for open seating public tours.
Rates subject to increase on holidays.
Trip insurance available for a 48-hour cancellation in advance.
Lowest Price Guarantee.
Secure your reservation for smaller groups with our guaranteed-go option.

Temecula wine food pairing

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