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Wine Varietals


Barbera – This one is a red wine grape that hails from Italy’s Piedmont areas already famous for giving out quite successful wines from Sierra Foothills. The Barbera grape produces a very hearty red wines that have deep ruby shade, lower tannin level and full body. ​

Cabernet Sauvignon – Cabernet Sauvignon is a kind of red wine that is admired for its deep flavor, capability of aging, and aroma. This one is a full-bodies and very intense with cherry-currant as well as some herbal flavors. ​

Champagne/Sparkling Wine – Such wines are turned into effervescent through secondary fermentation during the wine-creation procedure. Sparkling wines and champagnes range across the style from slightly sweet to dry and very dry, as well as sweet. There are a number of sparkling wines that are recognized as Blanc de Noirs (wines made with red grapes) or Blanc de Blanc (wine made up of white grapes).​

Chardonnay – One of the most popular wines, Chardonnay is a kind of white wine that originates from Burgundy. Flavors of this wine range from crisp to clean with slight hint of varietal flavor from complex to rich, oak-aged, vanilla, and butter wines. Chardonnay mostly creates balance between texture, acidity, and fruit. ​

Chenin Blanc – Chenin Blanc is another kind of white wine with delicate, fresh floral features. It grows very well under warmer temperatures and generates a well-balanced, light wines that goes from off-dry to dry styles.

Dolcetto – It is a red wine grape mostly found in Italy’s Piedmont area just like Barbera grapes. It generates fruity and light wine.

Petite Sirah – Petite Sirahs is a inky red wine with a robust and firm tannic taste with pepper flavors. Petite Sirahs might complement meals with very rich meat.

Pinot Gris – A white grape wine with lower acidity, it can produce very rich but lightly perfumed wines that are much more colorful as compared to other whites.

Pinot Noir – Pinot Noir is one of the famous grapes from Burgundy and is now grown in Pacific Northwest and California. The range of this one goes from medium to light-body wine which is pegged as one of the hardest to grow and make grape variety. Its texture is smooth and delicate with very rich complexity, it makes up for being one of the most versatile dinner add-ons.

Riesling – It is a classy white wine grape grown in Germany and is mainly admired for its floral aroma. The aroma, however, depends on where the wine is made, it can either be bone-dry, crisp, spicy, luscious or full-bodied.