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Little bus tours offers customizable gift certificates that can be applied to any Little bus tour.

No Limit on number of gift card purchased or the amount.

Little bus tours offers Temecula Winery, Brewery and Distillery tour’s 6 days a week in Temecula.  

( We are closed on Tuesdays )

Redemption requires reservations in advance, 24 hour live booking calendar available on line at
Upon purchase, you will receive a printable gift card via email.
Print and present however you like!
Or you can forward it to a friend.
These cards never lose their value, never expire and are fully transferable.  
Call today for more information. 1-844-619-1818 or email us at



Purchased certificates are non-refundable and have no cash value other than to be applied towards any Little bus tours. They never expire.  And they are completely transferable, so you can re-gift them!  

If a gift pass is for a specific event, it may be limited to use to that tour to receive max value. But, in some cases, we may be able to offer you the “amount paid” toward use in other tour. So, if you want to book to a different tour, just call and inquire.  

Little Bus Tours offers certificates redeemable for a dollar amount, and also for a specific tour.   They act a bit differently:


A certificate for a specific dollar amount will have that exact value until redeemed.  Once redeemed, if there is a residual amount, that residual value is still valid.  So if you redeem a $200 certificate for a tour valued at $129, the certificate is still worth $71 towards a future booking.  Simple enough.  


A certificate for a specific tour will always be redeemable for that tour even if the price for that tour changes in price up or down.   

When you redeem a tour certificate, it is used in full and has no residual value.  Sometimes, guests want to redeem a higher value certificate for a slightly lower value tour (e.g., redeeming certificate for one type of tour for another type of tour that costs 10% to 20% less).  We’ll always honor that request, but that’s when the “no residual value” rule comes into play.   

If you want to redeem the certificate for something other than the specific tour it’s for, we consider it worth at least the dollar value at which it was purchased, and it can not be used towards tours that you have alredy applied a dicount or coupon towards.  One discount per tour.

Any time we’re doing something that is an exception to the rule or just a little tricky and unusual, call us directly and speak with a booking agent.  Our online booking system is not set-up to handle these type of requests.  


Lots and lots of charities ask Little bus tours for donations of gift certificates/ gift cards to help raise funds for their events.  We’re suckers for a good cause, and they know it.  We accept no compensation (other than gratitude) for the gift’s we donate.

The donated certificates / crads typically have a clearly displayed expiration date and are for a set tour.  They have no value after expiration.  Otherwise, they are pretty much the same as a purchased certificate.