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Brewery & Distillery Tasting Tours
in Temecula, CA

Craft beer and artisanal whiskey are the new kings of California! Our brewery/distillery tours in Temecula California offer the best: ales, lagers, stouts, porters, IPAs, bourbon, vodka and moonshine. With 3 stops, you can experience the craft brewing and distilling revolution in California first-hand. With world-renown and award-winning craft beers/whiskeys being produced daily, you are sure to discover a new favorite. Sample all the best beers and whiskeys in one day by booking a brewery/distillery tour in Temecula, Ca.


Combine the age-old traditions of distilling and brewing with the passion and creativity of Californian distillery & brew masters and you’re bound to get some amazing results. But how do you sample so many tasty treats on your timeline? Let your private tour guide lead the way so you and your friends can enjoy the time together. Our mini party buses can accommodate up to 26 passengers* so there’s plenty of room to bring along friends, family, and even co-workers for the tasting of a lifetime. We have a number of tours in Temecula, CA available to choose from (distillery/brewery tours are set depending on scheduling, hours of operation, etc.). Additionally, we offer smaller—and larger—vehicles to suit whatever size party you’re planning. *How many people fit comfortably depends on the size of passengers.

a group of people on a brewery tour
What a great night.

So much fun and so much alcohol. Get ready to get tosted! Can't wait to come back again. Pizza was great too.

– Johnathan C.
Fun time had by all.

We were a large group of 20 and they picked us up in the limo buses one for the guys and one for the girls. We had the best time us ladies were able to play our own musice and have the bachelorette party games on the bus and the guys did the same on their bus. When we got to each stop we all got to drink together and had a blast compairing the different drinks, and games. By the end we were all quite drunk and so happy that they dropped us back off at out air B&B. I recommend this tour if you want to have a good time and Kurt was great and took some really nice pic's for us.

– Sarah K.