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Party bus V Shuttle bus in Temecula wine country

It’s probably not on your mind as the first thing you are thinking about when getting a group of friends and family together for a day in Temecula wine country, but you should think about it… Because the better wineries are and your group could very well be turned away because of the vehicle you arrive in. This is not because of you but because of the reputation and intoxication of the guests they are known to bring into Temecula.

Explanation is needed.

Large party bus

From the outside, a large party bus looks like any other bus. But on the inside, it’s wild Vegas, nights! Flashy decor includes color-changing LED lights, TV’s, and limo style seating. Common amenities include loud sound systems, stripper poles, and a bar fully stocked with several glass and some companies even have carafes of hard liquor. You may be told they are premium brands. But you won’t be told they are watered-down generic brands being presented as premium.


a close up of a car


Limo bus/Van

Offer seating for smaller group up to 14 From the outside, they look just like any other van. But on the inside, it’s set up for a good time at a great price! Flashy decor includes color-changing LED lights, custom sound systems, and limo style seating so you can talk to all your guests without tweaking your neck or talking to the back of someone’s head. No stripper poles. But all the same fun as the bigger bus.

Little bus tours sprinter vans offer:

  • The interior ceiling’s that are much higher than a traditional limo. There’s plenty of room to stand up, dance, or wave your hands in the air when your favorite jam comes on.
  • The step-up is considerably less than a traditional party bus—great for mobility impaired passengers!
  • Face-to-face bench seating lets guests chat without yelling, easily snap selfies, and keep things close and personal.



a close up of a car

Shuttle bus

From the outside they look just like any other bus/van. They offer all forward seating. Little to no music, some driver will talk over a muffled speaker system telling you about the area you are driving past (so look quick). Some will offer open top shuttle buses. You can look up at the sky but be careful as the sun is very bright and will hurt your eyes, bring a lot of sun screen as the sun is very strong and you will get sunburned, and the wind will twist your hair into knots so bring a scarf or tight hat.



Wineries allowing V not allowing you in.


When the large party bus completes its hour trek from the big city to wine country, winery staffers cringe. They see it all the time. The door opens, and guests come stumbling and sometimes falling out. A parade of over-intoxicated visitors who are just as likely to scare off the desired customers. And unlikely to care about the experience beyond “jusss pour me the heist alcawl condent.”


Compared to the couple who arrives as part of a hosted wine tour on a smaller limo bus/van or shuttle bus, who is fascinated by the process of wine making, and who buys a bottle of wine here and a glass there, the groups of 20 or 30 who arrive on a single party bus are persona non grata. And is Italian and translates as: “A person or group that is unwelcome or unacceptable because of something they have done or said. Or in the case of the party bus companies’ reputation on the type of guests they bring to the Temecula wine country.


So yes. Most wineries will ban large party buses. But not every single one. Just all the wineries who are desirable enough that they can be choosy.


So don’t be surprised if when you rent a large bus to take you wine tasting you fine that it must drop you off on the street or leave the property right away. Just know that if you intend to visit the best wineries, you should wear walking shoes. Because to get in, you’ll need to park a good distance away, divide up into twos and fours, and then hike the rest of the way.



So, if you are looking to visit a winery and would like to have a group get together look at the smaller limo bus/van/shuttle services. Little bus tours have a great standing here in Temecula and can bring large groups to the wineries. Give us a call at 1-844-619-1818 and a booking agent will help you with any questions and making your reservations.

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